Weathering the storm

It’s cold outside, it’s not the first cold spell of the year but it is special. Snow is being called, and not just flurries.

It’s not winter, but the change has started, the change with the weather as well as the change in mind set that comes along the cold. Trees are bare and the days are getting shorter. The sunlight isn’t the only thing that we have less of. Classes have started the second half of the semester. The little over a month left of classes means its time for that final push towards grades.

All nighters and last-minute finishing touches on papers and projects will become the norm for the next six weeks. Over that time frame students will be pulled in more directions than anyone though possible. When that happens, remember, you’re not the first, you’re not the only one, and you wont be the last. The system is not perfect, but it works.

When that second week of December rolls around and you’re sitting at home, comfortably, not stressing out over grades that have yet to be posted, remember these weeks and store them for the next time you have to face some form of adversity.

The first possible snow of the season coincides with the test of willpower that is regularly scheduled for students at ETSU.

The strategies for surviving these are surprisingly similar. Hunker down and weather the storm. In the weather context of the phrase, it’s pretty clear what the directions mean.

In terms of the schoolwork load it’s a bit more complicated. Figuring out how to juggle the responsibilities of each class successfully while not getting lost in the stress is tougher than any blizzard. In both situations once the storm has passed it should be used as motivation towards the next.

Weather the storm over the next month and when you come out on the other side you will be better off. Just don’t get too comfortable. The school portion of the cycle will repeat itself around May.


Who’s got the most to do in the next month?


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