(Re) Learning to fly

During my first year at college, a few friends and I had movie nights during which we would all hang out and (obviously) watch movies. For awhile, we watched several of Hayao Miyazaki movies. One movie that I remember in particular was Kiki’s Delivery Service, which centered on a young witch, Kiki, who used her ability to fly to set up a delivery service.

I can’t say that the movie was my favorite. The characters’ voices really irritated me, but we were watching the English-dubbed version, which probably explains it. Part of the beauty seems to be lost in the translation.

There was one particular portion of the movie that really stuck with me, though. As the main character begins to settle into her life, she slowly begins to fly less and less. Finally, one day she discovers that she can’t fly at all.

Once she realizes that she can no longer fly, she tries to force the ability to come back, but eventually realizes that it doesn’t work like that. After talking to an artist who went through the same problem with her ability to paint, Kiki realizes that she can’t make her ability come back, but has to find her own inspiration for flying.

I think this can apply to everyone’s lives in some way or another. We each have talents or small hobbies that we really enjoy. It’s easy, though, to get caught in the trap of everyday life and slowly stop doing the things that we love. Eventually when we try to do them again, we find that our talent and ability has diminished, and we aren’t as good at them as we were before.

Each person has to find his or her own inspiration for doing the things he or she does. Some things can’t be forced, and I think that we all have to remember that the things that we really love doing and that set us apart aren’t the same as the tasks that we perform every day. They can’t be forced.

It could be drawing, or writing, or sports, or a number of other things. Almost anyone can do them, but it takes an inspired person to really do them well. Once we know why we do the things we love, then we can really learn how to soar. Even if you’ve forgotten how to or why you do something that you love, if you really search for what inspires you to perform that activity and try to remember why you love doing. Once you remember, then you can learn how to fly again.



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