How Calvin and Hobbes changed my life

I hate that most of the time I come on here, it’s seems to be some sort of motivational speech, but here goes.

From my youth, I have always loved Bill Watterson’s comic “Calvin and Hobbes.” The juvenile antics of the boy and his “stuffed” tiger amused me as a kid, but the depth of the writing in the stories now intrigues me just as much.

In the strip Calvin tackles issues such as (in no particular order) religion, death, existentialism, relationships, the point of the education system, and the meaning of life. Some of those may be overlap a little, but I feel they still deserve separate mentions.

But this was the comic that inspired me my third year of college. I was going through my junior year still feeling like I wasn’t pursuing any of my dreams. Lost in a muddle of college policies and getting the impression that I was now just checking classes off a list waiting for graduation, my education seemed mundane at best. Then, one day when I was home searching through my dad’s old C&H collections, I found this

This just says it all for me. I was going through life much like this 6-year old. I had the same attitude, the same perspective, but I was missing the last panel. My life had no Gusto. (Yes, capital letter is necessary).

I’m not saying from then on I’ve gone about life with this attitude, but I always come back to it. In order for us to enjoy our time on this planet, we have to chase after things that get us excited. I heard a quote that said “the only way we can feel truly burned out is if we were once on fire.” Being burned out is totally worth lighting the fire inside of us. Our passions are the fuel.

The reason I came back to this most recently is because I’ve lit my fire again. For the first time I’m participating in the NaNoWriMo competition. (Finishing a novel in one month). I say this not to brag, but in hopes that publishing something about it will keep me accountable because Lord knows if I don’t, I will reason and ration and think my way out of doing something that I’ve long wanted to do.

Whatever it is in your life that lights your fire, set it ablaze! Now is the time.

Because we could all use a little more gusto in the world.


What starts your fire? (Seriously, I want to know. Gets me excited.)



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