The final(s) countdown

Toward the end of every semester, students gather and ask the same question.

Why have finals come so soon?

Time has just flown by too quickly.

Personally, I have been panicking the past couple of days trying to get things done.

It seems I am giving up sleep in order to get my tasks accomplished in time for Dead Week. Right now, I am averaging maybe four hours a night.

I know I’m not the only one, too. Every time I check Facebook, I have at least two friends posting about all-nighters and a dire need for coffee. It occurs to me that Starbucks on campus is going to make bank by the end of these two weeks.

Anyway, every semester people sit in awe at how fast it goes by.

The problem?

No one seems to ever really be prepared for it.

Finals week jumps out of nowhere at students and attacks them.

Student’s exercise, sleep and diet are put on the back-burner, while studying (and continuing to party on Thirsty Thursday) completely consumes them.

I guess the real point of this little tangent is to point out that one would think the students would learn, after a couple of semesters of the same thing over and over again, that they should stop procrastinating.

And  I wholeheartedly include myself in this.

Most teachers have a syllabus outlining every project you have for the entire semester. You know when all your work is due.

So, why not do it in your free time at the beginning instead of waiting until two weeks before finals when you have more important things to worry over?

Dead Week should be meant for studying for finals, not completing tasks due that you knew about since day one.

Will I do that? Probably not. Would it be the wiser thing to do? Most definitely.



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