Taking back Monday

“Prepare thyself Monday, for at dawn, we go to war.”

Yesterday when I posted this Facebook status, I didn’t really think much of it. I was trying to be quirky and a bit funny. After a week of spring break, the idea of getting back in the habits necessary for school really did seem like going to some sort of battle.

I’m not crazy about Mondays.

It’s hard to bounce back from a weekend (or in this case an entire week) of living life the way I want to.

After going through the paces this morning though, I realized something about the first day of the week. It’s not doomsday. It’s not the ‘end’ of anything, really.

It is a chance to start fresh.

Monday gives us the opportunity to lay out everything we have to do, whether necessary or personal, and tackle them one item at a time. Monday can, if we let it, provide an opportunity for us to forget the failures of last week and move forward, conquering only the things ahead.

I know this is a bit counter-intuitive, especially if you’re not the morning sort. But even if you don’t beat the sun up, even if you aren’t ready to face the morning without three cups of coffee, an hour of Facebook and a few YouTube videos, Monday can still be successful. Monday can still be an opportunity to wrestle our week away from the fear or laziness that comes from a relaxing vacation.

I’m not one to provide a list of things that will make your days successful. I really don’t have a widely established credibility or track record in that arena, but what I do have is this video, and it works for me. I hope it helps you.

Todd Brison
-Executive Editor


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