Directing your dreams

When we dream, our imaginations seem to run wild. We are unrestrained by the physical world, and we have virtually no limits regarding what we can do within our dreams.

However, dreams can be more than just random craziness that our minds conjure up. In some instances, our subconscious deals with things that we’ve been avoiding or thinking about a lot in real life. The subconscious may bring to light issues that we had previously forgotten about, reminding us that there is still a part of ourselves that hasn’t moved on.

I have a very active dream life. Several times a week I will dream about aspects of my actual life (which can be really confusing when I start to mix the dreams up with reality), and I’ve come to find that the more that I stress/think about something, the more likely that I am to dream about it. More than a few times I have dreamed about meetings that I have to go to, papers that I need to write, tests that I have to take, etc. The dreams generally skew the details a bit and make the issue more odd than it would ever be in reality, but regardless, I almost always know which events relate to the dreams.

After speaking with a couple of people on the topic of dreams, I found that with time and practice, people can actually alter their dreams. By focusing on a specific issue prior to falling asleep, we can begin to dream about that issue and allow our subconsciouses to deal with those issues after we are asleep. And during that time, our minds may bring up more information or solutions that we had thought about while awake.

It’s a strange concept, but those of you with active/vivid dream lives ought to consider trying it. You might find that you don’t know yourself nearly as well as you thought, and who knows, you may just be able to finally dream of a solution to something that you couldn’t figure out while you were awake.

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One thought on “Directing your dreams

  1. Stacey Laughlin says:

    I’ve been looking up dream analysis and control for years. It takes some serious concentration, but lucid dreaming (actively controlling your dream!self) is very much possible. It’s so useful when you find yourself in a dream that clearly reflects something that you’ve been worried about, or a problem you haven’t found a solution for. The hardest part is facing what you fear in order to find the answer. It always takes some work even in the dreamworld to find a solution.

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