Take Nothing for Granted

Yesterday was a horrible day (for me). We all have those. It’s how you go about handling them that matters, I believe.

I’ve been learning to not take anything for granted since my freshman year of high school.When I was 15, my best friend Staci Reyes was diagnosed with Leukemia. She passed away that New Years. I couldn’t visit her, because I had the flu. I never got to tell her I loved her, or say goodbye. I’ve regretted that my entire life. There is not a day she does not pass through my mind. 

As you grow to be the person you are as an adult, many changes take place. That includes losing and gaining relationships with others, whether it be romantically, friendly or strictly business.

Because of my own personal experiences, I take those relationships extremely seriously. I’m utterly terrified of losing people I care for. Sometimes you can’t stop it, though.  That moment of realization hit me last night. 

Yesterday started out normal, but by the time work rolled around, it was pure chaos. I have a guy I am friends with lie to me and basically manipulate me (He doesn’t see it that way, but I do), and I was forced to set boundaries in our friendship, again.

Then I get a text from someone I have cared about greatly for a long while now. He basically wants me to stay away from him, etc. because he, frankly, took a joke the wrong way.

Anyone that knows me, knows I like to kid around. I tease people. It’s what I do. I’m sassy.

I thought he’d understand that, but evidently not. I guess my tone of voice didn’t portray what I truly meant. Do I understand why things like this happen to us? NO. But sh*t happens. 

I sat there last night in my best friend’s apartment, crying. I wanted to fix everything. That’s just so unrealistic, though. 

Life is a mess, for EVERYONE. We all have that kind of drama happen to us. What I took from it, was that I can’t control everything and keep everyone I love and care for in my life forever. I have to just let things happen on their own sometimes. 

It’s sad. I’M sad. But I will get over it, just like they will (if not already are). 

Even though you can’t control the events that take place in your life, I believe there are a few more important points to keep in mind. 

1. Don’t take anything you care about for granted.

2. Think about what you say and do, before you say or do it.

3. Even if those relationships break apart, don’t EVER stop loving and caring for them. Someday they may need you again.

— Katie



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