Things happen for a reason

Recently, I was contacted on LinkedIn by a man in Kansas who owned a proofreading company. Evidently, LinkedIn likes to send out random invites to people I don’t know. Thank God it did. 

I was struggling to keep up with my blog, and in need of more experience before attempting to get a ‘big girl’ job. James asked me if I’d like to help him create an environmental blog site. I jumped at the opportunity. How could I have not? It included my two favorite hobbies, writing and enjoying nature. 

People warned me against it, because I didn’t know him, etc. I listened, but chose to make my own judgment call. I was right. We began the blog about a week ago. It’s the prettiest baby I’ll ever have.  

I get to learn about what I love and teach other people what I learn! It’s so exciting!

Long story short, remember that everything you need will happen in good time. Everything happens for a reason. So just trust that it will all be okay in the end, even if you’re feeling down and out today. 

“Just keep thinkin’ what you’re thinkin’ and drinkin’ what you’re drinkin’. Everything’s gonna be alright.”

— Earl Hutsell (My Paw) 

Also, if you’d like to visit the baby ….

Envirofertilization — Planting and Nurturing the Seed of Intelligent Thought

— Katie


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