A change in the weather.

Weather.com says over the next six days, the temperature is supposed to steadily climb, peaking at a sunny 74. Not saying meteorologists have the best record with this stuff but they’re usually close, plus its APRIL, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to expect decent weather.

With that said, everyone knows that one person who will no doubt complain about the weather. A change of weather for the better will only invoke a new set of complaints. For these obnoxious souls, I recommend you do one of the two things below, whichever fits your situation better. (Especially if they mutter anything close to “its too hot”)

a.) If you don’t know this person, I would avoid any type of physical punishment, but a solid look of speechless disdain should do the trick.
b.) Now let’s say you actually personally know this wonderful human being who hates nice weather. That thing in choice a, the one about avoiding physical punishment, let’s forget I said that. Physical punishment is now acceptable for them. I’ll leave the details to your discretion depending on the how well you know the person.
And if you happen for some reason to be the person who makes such a treacherous statement just remember last week when everyone, including yourself, was thinking exactly what this picture says:
Go home spring
(Source: ETSU Memes’ Facebook page)
Personally, I say bring on the warmth.
Sports Editor

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