You are a platypus

(Disclaimer: This post really has nothing to do with anything except for the fact that it makes me exceedingly happy.)

I have an odd fascination with platypus. They’re brilliant — really brilliant. In fact, they are on the same level as dragons and unicorn. Let me explain:

What makes a mythological creature? Well, as far as anatomy goes, they seem to be a mix of several different species. Take the dragon: it’s sort of like a bat and a lizard and a blowtorch all wrapped up in one.

The platypus also seems to be several different species in one. The first two are pretty obvious: a beaver and a duck. The third one is obvious if you know the country to which it is native: Australia — the land of a million creatures that want you dead.

The platypus is poisonous, so insert whichever poisonous creature you feel is suitable as being the third species of which the platypus is comprised (personally, I chose a snake, but the last time that I voiced my choice as being the third species, I was reminded that there are other poisonous creatures in the world. Yes. I know. People have lived in fear of my cooking for years).

Even though I said this doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, that sounds sort of like a challenge, so I’m going to try to apply it to life.

Sometimes we lose the forest in the trees. That is, we forget that all of the little things in our lives are all a part of one thing: ourselves. You are a student, but that is not who you are. You are an athlete, but that is not all you are. You are in a club, a part of an organization or running late. You will (hopefully) not always be.

Every part of your life right now may not be a part of your life in a few years (this has nothing to do with the platypus, wait for it…), but you will still be very much yourself at that point. When you feel like you don’t know who you are, stop looking at all of the pieces and instead look at the whole. You are not a beaver, or a duck, or a snake. You are a platypus — which is a whole lot cooler than the other things.

(Did I mention that platypus look a lot like hippos?)



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