So, a couple of days ago, I got a text from my friend, Dylan Chesser (News Editor) asking what was happening to my Pinterest. I was confused. I logged on to my account from my personal computer to find around 40 pictures of hats pinned to a new board called ‘hats.’ There were dog hats, old men hats, baby hats, etc. I had to change my password and delete every pin. I realized that the only place that I keep myself logged into Pinterest at all times is at the ET office. 

Today, I came into work to find one of the dog hat pictures as the background for my computer. I immediately thought to accuse the only person who uses my computer, Steven Barry (Web Designer). He said he’d never even used Pinterest before. 

It took me about five minutes before I realized who had caused this catastrophe. It was Matt Brown (Co-Photo Editor). He and Dylan sat here two nights ago conspiring against me, laughing maniacally. 

Point of the story: NEVER KEEP YOURSELF LOGGED IN ON ANY COMPUTER OTHER THAN YOUR PERSONAL ONE. Trust no one. You may find weird hats pinned on your Pinterest. 


— Katie


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