Rainy day poetry

Poetry has never really been an art for me. I’m not saying it isn’t an art, but I just can’t write it that way. The “pieces” I’ve written cover topics such as a clever squirrel, trying not to vomit after a particularly bad night at iHop, and dinosaurs. Without further ado, welcome to today’s version of Todd’s poetry corner.



This literature
Can stick it in its earhole.
Right now is sleep time.


This morning it started to rain
So instead of going to train
inside of the school
I looked at the pool
Of water ‘stead of using my brain.

Haiku #42

I only use math
To calculate how much time
I have left to sleep


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade
That’s how the proverb doth go
But instead I believe, that fruit will just fade
If you light it afire with a blow (torch)

(No Title)

The rain drops just

Much like the covers over my head
If you were to ask me to get out of bed

That order’s too


Poetry has too many rules
It really is only just fools
That think a form of theatre
Must be restricted to a mee-uh-ter.


You may think this poetry sucks.
I don’t expect it to make me big bucks.
Some uncultured swines
Won’t savor these lines
So here is a picture of ducks.


Now wanting to play with ducks,

Executive Editor


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