Flex your whimsy muscle

I am not a spontaneous person. (That sound you heard is my wife laughing at the gross understatement you just read).

If I could, I’d probably have my next two weeks meals planned out to the letter. I’d know where every dollar was going, and exactly how things were going to play out. But things never happen like that.

Thank God.

The left brain, which I am partial to, is always well-meaning, but it sometimes forgets to account for the flashier side of life. It gets consumed in tasks. It gets consumed in completion and plans and to-do lists. It analyzes with incredible precision. It is always in control.

Not to mention BORING AS ALL GET OUT.

Sometimes you have to let lefty take a break. He’s annoying, really, if you think about it. He’s your mean third-grade teacher that never let you stay out for extra recess time. And we let him dominate our lives all in the name of “productivity”.

All the while, the sweet, right brain sits in the corner looking like this.

And yes, the left brain looks like Squidward.

And yes, the left brain looks like Squidward.

If the Squidward image doesn’t work for you, we can just call left brain “Lenny” from now on. He’s pale and mean and has a curly mustache. Anyway Lenny is useful a lot of the time. A world without Lenny is chaotic and absurd. However, let’s put him in the corner for the time being.

I would post some sort of funny video or picture or something here, but there’s not really a “whimsy cover-all”. But studies have shown if we let our left brain dominate too long and try and use self-control to “make” us do things, our self-control begins to wane, and we are actually less productive than we would be otherwise. In my experience, it also makes it more difficult to actually have fun having fun.

This is incredibly important to those of us cramming for finals. Not only are we exhausted from trying to absorb information from different subjects all at once, but if we do have fun, we only feel guilty about it. (“I really should be _____”)

Reading this post comes with one guilt-free trip to your happy place. So get up for a minute and sing, dance, draw, laugh, listen to dubstep, create a tower of power from the items on your desk. (Actually, if you are in class tomorrow, I would not recommend this last one.) Whatever you do. Break the monotony. Do something unnecessary.

I’ve found that if I make myself do something out of the ordinary, sometimes I accidentally end up enjoying myself.

Currently craving cupcakes,

Executive Editor.

P.S.– If you’re interested in the sort of things left brain is useful for, I would refer you here.


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