One Semester In: Thank You!

by Dylan Looney

Dylan thanks

Well, it looks like this will be my last post of the semester. I can’t begin to express the appreciation I have for all of you who read these weekly ramblings from a music nerd from Grainger County, Tennessee. Looking back to the beginning of this semester, it’s amazing how I had no idea this blog would even exist. Now, it seems like the most natural thing in the world to vent my musical fascination into this outlet. I certainly hope it has been entertaining and educational (edu-taining?) for you all.

In the couple months I’ve been writing for this blog, we’ve looked at the appeal of Taylor Swift, the ins-and-outs of the world of music awards shows, and my bitter frustration with Queen’s “Bring Back that Leroy Brown.” Most likely, the high point of the semester for me was getting the awesome opportunity to interview T-Pain and Dev backstage at their concert in March. I also particularly enjoyed writing the AC/DC piece and sharing my excitement over their triumphant return to the stage. All in all, you can expect more album reviews, interviews, and editorials from me next fall. Remember, you can leave comments on these articles and suggest any reviews you would like to see in the future. I would love to see what you all can think of!

I’d like to thank not only all of you for reading, but I would also like to show my appreciation for some others who have helped make this blog possible. First of all, I want to thank Emily from my Literary Criticism class for telling about the opening for this position. I’d also like to thank all the folks at the SGA and Buctainment for making the T-Pain and Dev interviews a reality. Many thanks also to my editor Laura Traister and Dylan Chesser at the East Tennessean for all their help. I’d also like to give a big shout-out to my friend Jasmine for being my beta-reader and taking a look at the pieces before they’re submitted to be posted. Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank my amazing family for all their support and enthusiasm. I’m blessed with the opportunity to write this blog, and I hope to only get better from here. See you all in August!


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